For my video my legend is going to be the legend of the broken necklace ! So it all became a legend when this girl was walking down the street and all of a sudden...........she got tripped up by a stick and her necklace flew off her into the woods next to her, she walked home without the special necklace and whoever found part of the necklace was going to be very unlucky. One day Eva was walking on one side of the path having a joyful day listening to the birds singing gracefully to the heavens above but she had already heard the legend of the broken necklace but one problem was, she didn't have a clue what the legend would do to her ! She tried to look for the golden necklace everywhere ! After an hour of looking for the gold she turned around and there in that spot she saw the most amazing thing she had ever seen, the legend of the broken necklace................................. Hey guys it's Eva and this week's theme on Seven Perfect Angels was the legend of the ______ and if you want to you can finish off this video and make up the rest of the video and send it to me in the comments down below and i will post it on YouTube for you if you can't upload it yourself but please don't make it over 15 minutes at all because i wont be able to post it on our channel and subscribe to SEVEN PERFECT ANGELS byeeeeeeeeeeeeee