Sarra manager of spa Edit

7Wek 7: Weird Dreams.        What's It All About: The Girls (Or Boys.) Create Skits about their Weird Dreams.

Week 8: _9_____ Routine.      What's it All About: The Girls (Or Boys.) Do a Routine.

Week 9: Movie And trailers        What's It All About: The Girls (Or Boys.) Create Movie Trailers to Fake Movies.

Month of july 2016 girlEdit

Week 10: Dancing.           What's It All About: The Girls (Or Boys.) Create a Special Dance.

Week 11: Questions to fans

Week 12: Garbage Bag Dress.    What's It All About: The Girls (Or Boys.) Make Garbage Bag Dresses, or Suits.

Week 13: Room Tour.        What's It All About: The Girls (Or Boys.)

Week 14: fairy tale . whats it all about: the girls (or boys.

week 15 freestyle

week 16 sleep over

week 17 I hate life

week 18 lai is go for even it real it happen in real life

week 19 tv fail

week 20 epic fail

week 21 best friends forever

week 22 dateing

week 23 friends

Week 24 bullying

week 25 best friends

week 26 sleepover

week 27 tv

week 28 the first _______________

week 29 funny moment

week 30 by by Ellie see you soon

week 31 the last ____________________ week 32 minute to win it week 34 spa vs. ssg

week 35 sleepover

week 37 moments

week 38 go out

week 39 pup

week 40 pool night

week 41 tv

week 42 girl vs boy school

week 43 fish

week 44 by by Ellie we will miss you

week 45 Ellie did giy

Week 46 tv

week 47 Tiffany sleepover wrongness

week 48 Tiffany mean sister

week 49 pool night

week 50 tv

week 51 free time

week 52 sad news spa do not exist any more it gone

week 53 Super Power

week 54 Decade

week 55 Camo

week 56 Nerd

week 57 Disney

week 58 Mismatch

week 59 Thirst

week 60 Sister

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