Lili is a Currently 15-Year Old Austrailan Girl who was on SPA.

Biography Edit

  • Full Name: Lili (Possibly Lillian)
  • Age: 11 (2010) 12 (2011) 13 (2012) 14 (2013) 15 (2014)
  • Country of Origin: Austraila
  • Birthday: 1999
  • Sibling(s): None
  • Channel: LiLitheLoLLizardxx
  • Interests: Gymnastics, Stopmotions, Candies.
  • SAK Collabs: Seven Perfect Angels (2010-____)
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black/Brown
  • Alter Egos/Characters:

Language and Accent Edit

Lili has a Thick, Austrailian Accent. She Comes from Austraila. Some Words in Lili's Language are Shown Below.

English to Austrailian Dictionary Edit




Small Child--Ankle Biter

Aussie--Someone from Austraila

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