Seven Perfect Angels Edit

On S.P.A., Kaelyn Uploads her videos on Monday. The Series has only 8 Videos, and 25 Minutes in all.

  1. Introducing Kaelyn! (Seven Perfect Angels) Theme: Introduction (Season/Series Primere)
  2. Kaelyn's Awesome Coke Machine! Theme: Invention
  3. Wacky Hair is Cool Theme: Wacky Hair
  4. Pajama MaDnEsS!!!!! Theme: Pajama Madness
  5. Kaelyn's Mad Ninja Skills! Theme: Ninja
  6. Kaelyn's..... Intersing Morning Routine Theme: Morning Routine
  7. Kaelyn's Epic Cupcakes Theme: In the Kitchen
  8. Kaelyn Says....Toodles! Theme: Goodbye (Series/Season Finale)

Seven Twinkling Tweens Edit

On S.T.T., Kaelyn Uploads her Videos on Monday, Making the Whole Series 18 Episodes and 1 Hour.

  1. Introducing Kaelyn! (Seven Twinkling Tweens) Theme: Introduction (Series/Season Premere)
  2. The EPIC Dance! Theme: Dancing
  3. Kaelyn's....not a Morning Person! Theme: Morning
  4. Kaelyn's Blind Taste Test Theme: Blind Taste Test
  5. Kaelyn's Magical Magic Show! Theme: Magic
  6. Grow-So-Mo! Commercial Theme: Commercial
  7. Behind the Scenes with Kaelyn! Theme: Behind the Scenes
  8. HaLLOwEeN!!! Theme: Halloween (Note: This is a Special Halloween Episode)
  9. Gymnastics...!? Theme: Gymnastics
  10. Kaelyn and the Cup of Water Theme: Cup of Water Challenge
  11. What to Wear, What to Wear? Theme: Pick an Outfit
  12. After School Routine Theme: Routine
  13. Welcome to Kaelyn's Room! Theme: Freestyle
  14. Kitchen KrAzY with Kaelyn! Theme: Cooking (NOTE: this is the last episode before the season 1 finale.)
  15. Brrr! It's Winter Fashion Time! Theme: Winter Fashion (Season Finale)
  1. Pajama RaNdOmNeSs with Kaelyn! Theme: Pajamas (Season Premere)
  2. Christmas with Kaelyn! Theme: Christmas (Note: This is a Special Christmas Episode)
  3. Goodbye, Kaelyn! (Seven Twinkling Tweens) (Series/Season Finale)

Seven Awesome Kids Edit

On S.A.K., Kaelyn Uploads her Videos on Sunday! This only lasted for a short season of 4 episodes which totaled of 7 Mins and 47 Seconds.

  1. Hello, Kaelyn! (Seven Awesome Kids) (Season/Series Premere) Theme: Introduction
  2. Kaelyn's Winter Fashion! Theme: Pick an Outfit
  3. Kaelyn's Gymnastics! Theme: Gymnastics
  4. Kaelyn's Goodbye Confusion (Seven Awesome Kids) (Season/Series Finale) Theme: Goodbye

Seven Super Girls Edit

On S.S.G., Kaelyn Uploads on Wednesday.

  1. Introducing Kaelyn! (SSG) (Season/Series Premere) Theme: Introduction 18
  2. Kaelyn Can't Live Without...... Theme: 3 Things I Can't Live Without 25
  3. Can You Spot the Differences? Theme: Spot the Difference 1
  4. Kaelyn vs the Marshmallows Theme: Freestyle 8
  5. The Mystery Valentine! Theme: Valentines Day 15
  6. [Private Video] 22
  7. My Life as a Supermodel! Theme: Supermodel 29
  8. Kaelyn Goes Backwards!!! Theme: Backwards 7
  9. Kaelyn Does....Sit Ups? Theme: Freestyle 14
  10. Kaelyn's a Barbie Girl! Theme: Pick an Outfit 21
  11. Kaelyn's EPIC Room Tour! Theme: Freestyle 28
  12. 3 Truths and 1 Lie! Theme: Freestyle 4
  13. Toodles Needs a Home Theme: Animals 11
  14. Kaelyn Goes Planking! Theme: Planking 18
  15. Barbie Pt. 2: The Case of the Missing Dress! Theme: Pick an Outfit Results 25
  16. The Alien Abduction (Season Finale) Theme: Aliens 2
  17. My Fantasy World (Season Premere) Theme: Fantasy World 9
  18. Mall Madness Part 1 Theme: Freestyle part 1 16
  19. Mall Madness Part 2 Theme: Freestyle part 2 (A Jenna video) 23
  20. SSG Dance Contest Theme: Interactive Video 30
  21. Kaelyn's Morning Routine Theme: Routine 6
  22. Dance Styles! Theme: Dancing 13
  23. Pageant Princess Lucy Theme: Freestyle/Parody 20
  24. It's Summer Fashion Time! Theme: Summer Fashion 27
  25. [Private Video] 4
  26. A Day in the Life of Kaelyn Theme: A Day in the Life of _____ 11
  27. Where do Missing Socks Go? Theme: Where do Missing ______s Go? 18
  28. [Private Video] 25
  29. Don't Close Your Eyes (Music Video) Theme: Freestyle 1
  30. Kaelyn Shows You her Mom's Clothes! Theme: My Mom's Clothes 8
  31. Kaelyn's School Bedtime Routine! Theme: Bedtime Routine 29
  32. [Deleted Video] 5
  33. [Deleted Video] 12
  34. Kaelyn's After School Routine! Theme: __ ____ Routine 19
  35. The Unlucky One! Theme: Legend 26
  36. Kaelyn's American Girls! Theme: Freestyle 3
  37. Chain Mail! Theme: Chain Mail 10
  38. Dresses, Dresses, Dresses! Theme: Pick a Dress 17
  39. Elfiona the Elf! Theme: Fairies 24
  40. No Electronics? How will Kaelyn Survive?!? Theme: Freestyle 31
  41. Which Witch Would You Pick? Theme: Candy Corn Witches 7
  42. If Kaelyn was a NeRd...... Theme: Nerds 14
  43. What Happens Next? Theme: Story Part 1 21
  44. Kaelyn Recieves a Surprise! Theme: Story part 2 28
  45. Girly Girl Gianna or Tomboy Alice! Theme: Girly Girl vs Tomboy 5
  46. Gianna Needs Your Help! Theme: Girly Girl vs Tomboy Winner 12
  47. It's Christmas Time with Kaelyn! Theme: Christmas (NOTE: this is a Special Christmas Episode) 19
  48. Kaelyn Shows you What She Got for Xmas! Theme: Christmas Gifts
  49. Kaelyn's Impossible Mission! Theme: Mission Impossible
  50. Kaelyn's on TV! Theme: SSG Reality Show Part 3 (NOTE: This is part of the SSG Reality Show Special)
  51. The Criminal Hypnotist! Theme: Hypnosis
  52. Symptoms of Pajama Madness! Theme: Pajama Madness
  53. Help Kaelyn Shop! Theme: Freestyle
  54. Kaelyn's Valentines Favorites! Theme: Valentines Day
  55. Is Lucy a Drama Queen? Theme: Character Skit
  56. Seven Super Girls: Kaelyn Theme: Tribute
  57. Where did Kaelyn's Thumbs Go? Theme: No Thumbs for a Day
  58. Kaelyn's Tips on Surviving your Parents! Theme: Surviving your Parents
  59. The Dangerous...Doll Theme: Dolls
  60. [Private Video]
  61. The World of Princess Lucy! Theme: Character Skit
  62. [Deleted Video]
  63. Spring Fashion: Kaelyn Style! Theme: Spring Fashion
  64. My Escape from the Reality of.....Life! Theme: Escape from the Reality of ______
  65. More Questions, More Answers! Theme: Q&A
  66. [Private Video]
  67. My Home School Routine! Theme: Freestyle
  68. How to Be Like Kaelyn! Theme: How to be Like ______
  69. Shy Suzie vs Glamourous Gretchen! Theme: Character vs Character
  70. Suzie Gets a Makeover! Theme: Character Winner
  71. [Private Video]
  72. Kaelyn is Red Riding Hood?! Theme: Trapped Tales Part 3 (Season Premere)
  73. A Message from Kaelyn!  Theme: Special
  74. My StRaNgE Addicition...Eating Soap!  Theme: My Strange Addicition
  75. The Annoying Genie!!!  Theme: Genie
  76. Kaelyn's Things are LOST!  Theme: Lost
  77. The Curse of the Dance Shoes...  Theme: Curses and Legends
  78. [Private Video]
  79. SWEET REVENGE  Theme: Revenge
  80. Kaelyn's Summer Fashion!  Theme: Summer Fashion
  81. [Private Video]
  82. Kaelyn's Birthday Gifts!  Theme: Freestyle
  83. Lucy's Return....Ever After High  Theme: Ever After High
  84. [Private Video]
  85. The Dog Snatcher  Theme: Dogs
  86. How to Fake Being Sick! (FAIL!)  Theme: How to _______
  87. What Kaelyn Does when she's Bored!  Theme: Bored
  88. Invention...Gone Wrong!  Theme: Invention
  89. Kaelyn's Not So Scary Story!  Theme: Scary Story  (This is a Special Halloween Episode.)
  90. 10 Random Things You Don't Know About Kaelyn!  Theme: 10 Things you Don't Know About Me
  91. Ever After High Music Video  Theme: Special Video
  92. Kaelyn Does Your Dares and Challenges!  Theme: Dares and Challenges
  93. Kaelyn Needs HELP!  Theme: Halloween Miniseries Part 3
  94. Life Through the Eyes of a Doll  Theme: Dolls
  95. My Secret Life as a.....  Theme: My Secret Life
  96. Garbage Bag Fashionista!  Theme: Garbage Bag Dress
  97. Ninja Kaelyn's Training Missions!  Theme: Ninja Mission
  98. Help Kaelyn Shop for her New Room!  Theme: Freestyle
  99. Natural or Made-up? You Decide  Theme: Make-up
  100. Kaelyn's CrAzY Jobs!  Theme: Crazy Jobs
  101. A Christmas Story....with a Twist  Theme: Christmas Story
  102. Kaelyn's Christmas 2013  Theme: Christmas (NOTE THIS IS A SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EPISODE)
  103. Lucy's Morning Routine  
  104. Reading Minds....Kaelyn's CRAZY Power!  Theme: Crazy Powers  
  105. What a Wierd Dream!  Theme: Wierd Dreams
  106. Kaelyn's New Room Tour 2014  Theme: Freestyle
  107. 25 Things Kaelyn Can't Live Without!  Theme: 25 Things I Can't Live Without
  108. The Mysterious Diary: Ever After High  Theme: Ever After High
  109. The Crazy Game Show!!!  Theme: Game Show
  110. What....Kaelyn Becomes a Boy?!  Theme: Boys
  111. Kaelyn's Bathroom Tour  Theme: Freestyle
  112. Kaelyn and the Bad Luck Penny!  Theme: Bad Luck
  113. Kaelyn's Draw My Life  Theme: Draw My Life
  114. Undercover....Desperate for Brownies!  Theme: Undercover
  115. Is Kaelyn's House Haunted?  Theme: Haunted House
  116. The Singing Clown  Theme: Clowns
  117. Kaelyn's House Tour!  Theme: House Tour
  118. Kaelyn Gets Revenge!  Theme: Revenge
  119. Kaelyn's Spring Fashion  Theme: Spring Fashion
  120. The Legend of the Love Necklace  Theme: Legend
  121. The Truth Spell: Ever After High  Theme: Ever After High
  122. Invaded By Minecraft!  Theme: Invasion
  123. The Day I Became Dr. Higglebottom  Theme: The Day I Became ______
  124. What a Nightmare!....Kaelyn Babysits Lucy  Theme: Babysitting Nightmare
  125. The Tale of Mimi the Mermaid  Theme: Fairytales
  126. Kaelyn and Bailey Go on a Shopping Adventure!  Theme: Freestyle
  127. Kaelyn's Guide to a Perfect Sleepover  Theme: Sleepover
  128. Minute to Win It Showdown!  Theme: Minute to Win It
  129. [Private Video]
  130. Has a Crime Occured at Kaelyn's House?  Theme: Crime
  131. Public School? Kaelyn is Trapped in a Nightmare!  Theme: Nightmare
  132. The Missing Princess Crown!  Theme: Princess
  133. Monsters in Kaelyn's Room  Theme: Monster
  134. Kaelyn Comes Down with a wEiRd illness!  Theme: Weird illness
  135. Kaelyn's Time Travel Disaster!  Theme: Time Travel
  136. Back to School: Kaelyn Style!  Theme: Back to School
  137. Lost Forever?....The Princess Crown (Part Two)  Theme: Continue
  138. [Private Video]
  139. Is Kaelyn Really Invisable?  Theme: Invisable
  140. Fairiest at WAR!!!  Theme: Fairies
  141. A Day with Lucy!  Theme: Freestyle  (Season Premere)
  142. Kaelyn's DIY Halloween Goodies!  Theme: Halloween
  143. Kaelyn's Past Characters Pester Her!  Theme: Pestering
  144. [Private Video]
  145. Kaelyn's Halloween Extraganza!  Theme: Halloween
  146. The Return of Mimi the Mermaid!  Theme: Skit Week

There are more newer episodes, but those will be put it in later.

NOTE: Some of the SSG videos have gone PRIVATE for unknown reason. So, I just set the name of the video to [Private Video].

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