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Kaelyn (Thinking): Breaking News! Kaelyn's your New Monday on SPA! Stay Tuned for more.

Kaelyn:Hey Guys! My Name's Kaelyn, I'm 11 Years Old, and I come from, the U.S.A.! When I Found out that I was gonna be on Seven Perfect Angels, I Went Crazy! I Think I Might have screamed so loud, you could hear me from China! .....Maybe. It Went a little something like, this.

A Flashback is Shown of Kaelyn.

Voice: You have: 1 New Email.

Kaelyn: Oh. A New Email! Seven Perfect Angels? (Gasp) OH MY GOSH!!!!! NO WAY!!!!! You can't be serious! I made Seven Perfect Angels!!!! (Squealing)

Kaelyn is Shown Again.

Kaelyn: And Now, here are a few things to know about me!

I Love Pink. It's my Absolute FAVORITE COLOR!!!

I also love to read. I'm kinda a book worm. I like to make these little worms out of clay. It's another one of my, little hobbies that I Like to do sometimes.

I Also love to play with my dog, Sadie. She Loves to do tricks only when I Give her these Treats. Ready, Sadie? Spin! Up! Up p p p p Up! Yay! Yay, Good Girl, Sadie!

Sometimes, I Like to Shoot a Few Hoops in my Favorite Basketball Tee!

Goal! Oh Yeah!

I Also like to go Swimming!

Now that you've gotten to know me a little, You can Watch me, Every Monday, on Seven Perfect Angels. Come Watch Me! Toodles! stuidp people losers hahahahaha


  • Kaelyn is 11 Years Old in this Video.