the weird visit to: the return of the: the pink:

wonder land, nasty next door neighbour, candy plate

Lego land, mermaids, candy pen

Disney land, giants, ink

the zoo, queen, ghost

the farm, crazy twin, money

next doors house, outer space aliens, plant

an abandoned house, evil fairy, fairytale

a chocolate factory, kind kangaroo, princess party

a pet shop, bully, addiction

a build a bear workshop, trouble maker, slime

the helpful: the wanted: freestyle:

assistant, man, 10 unknown facts about you

mum, lady, 50 facts about you

sister, grandma, room tour

brother, sister, house tour

teacher, magician, slime smoothie

button, cupcake, challenges

time traveler, house, squishy collections

clock, toy, 100 facts about you

eraser pen, T-shirt, a vlog

outfit, skirt, slime collections