the magic:, the princess and the:, the crazy:

pen, frog, nextdoor neighbour

wand, pea, teacher

slime, prince, student

folder, music addiction, cake maker

girl, spell book, game

boy, trouble maker, babysitter

coat, magic hairbrush, granny/grandma

cloak, star from the sky, doll

teddy, evil step mum, dream

phone, magical fairy god mother, friend

the impossible:, the legend of the:, the mysterious:

test, photo bomber, angel

quiz, the broken necklace, visitor

game, lost girl, night of no sleep

level, lost boy, gift giver

chore/job, blue birthday candle, gnome

homework task, mischievous monkey, man

day at school, sneeze, lady

video, girl who never did her chores, block of cheese

challenge, magic mute button, pair of headphones

day, fortune teller, pair of gloves