Emily Jade is the member of the SAK's Channels. She is the former member of SevenTwinklingTweens, SevenCoolTweens and SevenPerfectAngels and the current member of SevenSuperGirls.

Emily JadeEdit

Age: 12 (STT)

12-13 (SCT)

13 (SPA)

13-15 (SSG)

Siblings: Ruby (younger sister)

Country: UK (England)

SAKs Collabs: SevenTwinklingTweens (May 2013-November 2013)

SevenCoolTweens (November 2013-April 2014)

SevenPerfectAngels (April 2014-July 2014)

SevenSuperGirls (July 2014-present)

Instagram: Emily.jxde

Pets: Lola (dog) Charlie (cat)

Birthday: April 19th 2001