Seven Twinkling TweensEdit

This Series consists of 2 seasons: 1 is 15 episodes and 1 is 9 Episodes.

Season 1Edit

  1. Introducing Emily (Seven Twinkling Tweens)  Theme: Introduction  (Season/Series Premere)
  2. Emily's Magical Journey  Theme: Magic
  3. Emily vs Princess Lily  Theme: Princess
  4. Hats - My Strange Addicition  Theme: My Strange Addicition
  5. Emily Saves the Day!  Theme: Famous
  6. Emily's Room Tour  Theme: _________ Tour
  7. Fun with Water!  Theme: Fun with Water
  8. Emily Does Gymnastics!  Theme: Gymnastics
  9. Energetic Ella vs Coach Potato Chloe  Theme: Character vs Character
  10. Ella's Energic Smoothie  Theme: Character Winner
  11. Emily's Summer Fashion  Theme: Summer Fashion
  12. A Day in the Life of a Parent!  Theme: A Day in Life of ______
  13. Emily's Declious Talent  Theme: Talent
  14. Minute to Win it!  Theme: Minute to Win it
  15. Emily has Super Powers!  Theme: Super Powers  (Season Finale)

Season 2Edit

  1. Emily does WRECK THIS JOURNAL!  Theme: Freestyle  (Season Premere)
  2. Angel in Disguise!!  Theme: Angels
  3. Extraordinary Surprise!  Theme: Surprise
  4. Another Borning Sunday  Theme: Freestyle
  5. Sleepover Spot the Difference!  Theme: Spot the Difference
  6. Emily Makes Halloween Tricks!  Theme: Halloween (This is a Special Halloween Episode)
  7. Lola's Journey: Officall Trailer  Theme: Movie Trailer
  8. Emily Answers your Questions!  Theme: Q&A
  9. Goodbye, Emily!  Theme: Goodbye  (Season/Series Finale)

Seven Cool TweensEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. Introducing Emily! (Seven Cool Tweens)

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